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Subscribe & Save Terms & Conditions

These terms outline your participation in the Subscribe & Save program on, an agreement between you and Alfie’s Treatos.

Discount Offers

Subscribe & Save provides a 15% discount off the retail price on the renewal date for scheduled regular deliveries.

Pricing for Orders

For each Subscribe & Save order, you are charged the price (minus the Subscribe & Save discount) on the day the order is processed, including any shipping fees if the free shipping threshold is not reached.

Subscription and Delivery Schedule

Upon subscribing for regular deliveries, products are automatically ordered and delivered monthly from the date of your first subscription.

Payment Reminders

Before each Subscribe & Save order, you will receive an automatic payment reminder email three days before the automatic renewal.

Handling Product Unavailability

If a Subscribe & Save product is unavailable on the scheduled date, you will be notified of the delay, and we will try to fulfill the order within two weeks of the original dispatch date.

Options for Unavailable Products

If a Subscribe & Save product becomes unavailable, you will be notified, and you may cancel your subscription or replace the product with another.

Subscription Modifications

You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time after 35 days from the start date of the subscription.

Address and Payment Issues

If there are problems with your delivery address or payment details, the subscription is put on hold and you will be notified. The subscription remains on hold until the issue is resolved.

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