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All natural fish dog treats

Australian made dog treats

Our premium Australian made dog treats are made from human-grade ingredients, single-ingredient, small-batch, and gently air-dried for maximum nutrition. Our natural dog treats are made from seafood, which is a novel protein and is packed with Omega-3 which is great for dogs with skin allergies. Our high quality dog treats are also the best dog food for fussy eaters who love the flavours and textures!

Give your dog the gift of health from the sea

Our Australian made dog treats are all natural full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your best friend will benefit from. Not just Australian made, our treats are sourced from pristine Australia and New Zealand waters and are human grade and of the highest quality. Our high quality dog treats contain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, Vitamin D, calcium, selenium and coenzyme Q10. Our natural dog treats contain no preservatives and are optimal for for helping your dog’s digestive system, muscles, organs and immune system function at its best. A diet rich in omega-3’s will help your pet’s coat shine and will reduce skin inflammation such as allergy related itching. The fatty acids will also help older dogs with join and hip problems by reducing inflammation and will reduce the risk of eye disease. Having a hard time getting enough nutrition for your pup? Our Australian dog treats are the best dog food for fussy eaters and makes feeding and training time easy!

Air-dried to maximise nutrition

Our Australian made dog treats are air-dried which maximises nutrition content and has great health benefits for your best friend. In raw food, there is a large range of enzymes, minerals and vitamins which are partially lost in cooked and processed pet foods. This is especially true in fragile nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids and antioxidants. Air drying the freshest natural dog treats with no processing at a low temperature minimises this loss and maximises nutrition. This means healthier organs and bones, stronger immune systems, and shinier softer coats. Did we also mention our high quality dog treats are the best dog food for fussy eaters? Your pup will love the chewy textures and smells!

Alfie's Treatos

Alfie's Treatos specialises in Australian made dog treats and is the best dog food for fussy eaters. Premium, single-ingredient, small-batch air-dried natural dog treats for your best friend.

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